Our Story

Gi and I saw each other for the first time, 7 years ago in a gas station in Belgium. There is a long story about the reason why we met in this gas station, which we love to tell you when you are here on the boat and we have a lot of time :-)!

For now I will tell the short version. A couple of weeks after we saw each other in the gas station, Gi and I went out to have lunch. We talked, laughed, hugged a lot and felt immediately at home with each other. We became close friends, open, honest and happy to be with each other. It took some more weeks (this part belongs to the long version too ;-)!) before we became lovers, pure, open, vulnerable and super sweet.

Gi already had the plan to sell his house (it was already for sale on the internet) and to buy a boat. He had the dream of sailing around the world, inviting people on his boat, sailing together and giving courses about personal growth.

At the moment we met I was giving group courses in my little studio about personal growth, becoming aware of yourself and doing private sessions as a life coach. So when Gi told me his dream, my heart started to sing and said: YES, I love this, I am going join you :-)! 

Together we jumped into this unknown and exciting adventure :-)!

We started to look together for a boat. Pure intuitively and with our heart we picked our Lazuli (we found her in Sicily) and we are still so happy with her! She is our sturdy princess who takes us safely to all those wonderful spots on this beautiful planet :-)!

The 11th of November 2012 was the first night we slept on our own boat, the start of a wonderful and amazing adventure!

We started sailing in Sicily, sailed to Greece (Cyclades: so beautiful!!), Egypt, back to Greece, Crete, Corfu. Some where in October 2014 we decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean to sail to the Caribbean Islands (the winters in Greece became to cold for us). Via the street of Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and Cape Verdean Islands we arrived in Martinique.

Since February 2015 we are sailing around here in the Caribbean Sea.

The Islands here are beautiful, covered by rainforest, amazing spots to snorkel and warm! The sun is an important part of our life :-)!

When we just started sailing, we invited friends and family to sail with us. We wanted to feel what it is like to have people on the boat for a longer period. To live together in a rather small space. To share everything and to connect with each other.

We love it :-)! We love connecting with people and love to share our home with everybody who loves a new adventure :-)! 

We love to take you around to all those wonderful places.

To share, to laugh, having fun together, relaxing and enjoying. Being pure, open and vulnerable. 

To make you feel at home and create a space where you can be completely yourself. 

We are living our dream and love to invite you to be part of our dream :-)!

Come and sail with us, it’s going be a unique and wonderful experience, for sure!

Lots of Love,

Lien & Gi & Lazuli

PS: Gi and I are both born in Belgium, so our native language is Dutch. But we decided to make the website in English to reach our friends from all over the world. So it is possible that our English sometimes will sound a little bit weird :-)! 

Thanks for your understanding.


Hi, my name is Lien :-)!

I love my life here on the boat together with the man of my dreams. I am so happy that, 7 years ago now, I jumped into this unknown, new and amazing adventure! 

I see myself as a joyful, pure, open and warm person. 

I love traveling, nature, children, having people around me, connecting from heart tot heart. I am curious about each and every one, about their dreams and passions, about their fears and doubts.

I see myself as a little girl wandering around on this beautiful planet, my eyes & heart wide open. I love the little wonders around me, like the sparkles in the eyes of a baby, the pureness of a smile, a warm & open conversation with some one, the smell of a flower, the sound of the wind, the peaceful energy of a dolphin or a sea turtle, the twinkling stars above me... Magic is every where. 

This curiosity, openness, pureness and my love for people are part of who I am and I use this natural gift while I am coaching too. I feel guided by my heart & intuition, by a deeper wisdom that goes beyond words and mind. From within the right words will come to guide you. It will bring you to your source. To a peaceful, joyful and warm presence you feel within you. A deep feeling you always can go to, and connect with because it is inseparable from who you are. From who you really are in your essence. 

I love to guide you in your journey of life and bring you back to your own inner wisdom, peace & joy. 



I am crazy about this man :-)! He is super sweet, beautiful, funny, open, honest and vulnerable.

He is a licensed captain (Master Commercial Yachting) with a lot of experience and he loves what he does! He is crazy about boats, the ocean, the sun, nature and being free.

He loves this free life and the idea that he can take his floating home with him to all those beautiful places he still wants to discover :-).

He is very good in making you feel comfortable and safe while sailing. He knows Lazuli by heart and knows perfectly how to handle her.

Gi is open to everyone who loves to help out with sailing. He will let you try, is there next to you and ready to take over when needed.

He loves to laugh and having fun. He loves to connect with people on a deeper level, sharing what is going on inside, being pure and honest, having pure and open conversations.

As a coach he is very good in bringing you back to your essence. He can shake the web of your mind a little bit and get you back in touch with your heart and intuition.

He is a wise, warm and wonderful man.  


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