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Online Coaching Course with Lien:
The Ride to your heart

My coaching is pure intuitively. My main focus is to guide you to become conscious about yourself and to guide you towards your heart, passions & dream(s). 

The ride to your heart starts with (re)discovering a dimension of yourself you just forgot. There is a dimension of you that goes beyond the things you see at the surface like your thoughts, emotions, challenges, life situations...

You are much more than your little human mind. This dimension of you is deep & vast and it makes you who you really are: Pure Awareness, Pure Love.

To become aware of who you really are, is an important discovery in your life. It will make all the things in your life better, easier, deeper and more fulfilling. Your relationships, your experiences, your body,...

What are we going to do? 

I teach you to observe yourself closely, to become more and more aware of the stream of thoughts going on in your mind, emotions you feel. You will discover what thoughts, viewpoints or believe systems are keeping you stuck where you are.

Step by step, through little exercises and meditation we are going to change this. You learn to put your focus beyond the heaviness of your thoughts and how to connect with the lightness & joy of your heart.

In your heart you find what it is you really want, your passions & dreams.

Once this is clear, we make a plan. Step by step we go forward, our focus fixed on the dream in your heart.

You become the master of your life again.

You will glow and radiate of joy :-)! 

You will feel a new stream of energy flowing through your body ready to finally do what you really want. 

Ready to start this new ride in your life? 

I am :-)! 

If you have questions or you are ready for our first free session, call me or send me an email! This is your first step forward ;-)! 

I love you and I am here for you



If you like to have just a single session with me, it is possible too. 

Click on the link below to know more about the online course or the single sessions

Online coaching sessions with Lien & Gi together.

We are a super team. Not only as a couple, also as a coaching team. We complement each other perfectly. We have a different energy and way of coaching which makes our coaching sessions richer & unique! 

We do the online coaching course:

The ride to your heart also together. 

Or you can choose for a single session with the 2 of us. 

Click on the link below if you want to know more :-)! 


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