Me-time Retreat

Do you feel you want to get away for a while?

Do you feel you need peace, calmness and relaxation?

Do you feel you just want time for yourself, pamper yourself and treat yourself with love. 

Rebreathing and recharging yourself with new and fresh energy. Relaxing and bringing your body and mind to rest. 

Than this is something for you :-)!

Our Me-time Retreat is a spiritual journey of sailing, sharing, meditation, personal growth, having fun, relaxing and feeling good. 

We offer you a peaceful space where you can relax and feel at home. We will have daily life coaching sessions. In these sessions you learn how to relax your mind and get back in touch with your own peaceful energy. You become aware of yourself and you find the answers you are looking for. The answers are inside you, we help you to find them again and show you how you can integrate this into you daily life. 

You will return home as a newborn person. 

Join us on this unique & wonderful journey. The best holiday & present you can give yourself. 

We love you and are here for you


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