Lazuli Intensive

Do you feel you want to get away for a while? To get back in touch with your heart & intuition.

Do you feel you need peace and stillness?

Do you feel you want to open up and share this with other people you trust? With people you know they will not judge and encourage you to go trough your fear and trust yourself again? To go for the things your really want! 

Than this is something for you :-)!

Our Lazuli Intensive is for everyone who stays for a longer period (minimum 2 weeks). It is a spiritual journey of sailing, sharing, meditation, personal growth, pure awareness, having fun, relaxing and feeling good. A journey where you discover who you really are and find your true purpose in life. You will feel at home with yourself, alive and joyful :-)! 

We offer you a peaceful space where you can relax, feel at home and have the time to connect again with your heart and intuition.

It is an intensive journey where we encourage you to be pure, open and vulnerable. Together we go a little bit deeper and we put our focus on what is going on inside us. We let go of the focus on the outer world and go within ourself. To become aware of our own thoughts, emotions and mind settings. 

We observe ourself in a gentle and loving way to become aware of the stillness which lies beyond our thoughts & mind settings.

Through meditation we connect with this deep stillness, a stillness where everything starts.

In this stillness you find your true purpose in life, you find peace and inner happiness, you find all the answers you are looking for.

This stillness is who or what you really are: pure Love & Awareness. 

Join us on this unique & wonderful journey. The best holiday & present you can give yourself. 

We love you and are here for you


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