• Lien Pepermans

A wonderful sailing adventure with wonderful friends to start 2020 ✨⛵️🥰!

Our first 5 days of 2020 we sailed together with our lovely friends from Saba to St Eustatius, St Kitts & Nevis and back to Saba. It was a super great trip and also a new adventure for us because we never went to those Islands before. Saba is a beauty, an amazing rock sticking out of the sea: very peaceful, clean, 2 small villages with cute white houses with a red roof and green wooden shutters. An Island with a soft and warm energy. I felt at peace and home here... Not so easy and comfortable to be with the boat. There is no sheltered bay. You have to pick a mooring but it is feels like being on the open sea, our boat was moving up and down on the waves.

St Eustatius is very clean and peaceful too. We went to visit the village and the fort.

St Kitts & Nevis was completely different. The part of the town we saw was very busy, loud, many cars, the street felt chaotic with all the people talking loud, cars honking, music, .... In a way I loved it too, just because of the difference and the happy energy I felt on the street. People smiling and enjoying themselves.

We did find a very nice, quiet and lovely bay to spend the night and a beautiful spot for snorkelling. I saw an octopus very well camouflaged at the coral. So magical to observe this creature!

To do this trip with our sweet friends made it even more wonderful 🙂! Jan, Olga, Thijs & Fieke came on board as “strangers” but as soon as we saw each other, we felt a warm click in between the 6 of us. A new friendship was born 🥰! We had fun together, pure and open talks, playing games with the kids, just being pure, open and honest. Everything went easy and smooth like we knew each other already for a long time!

Thank you guys for the lovely time we had together! Hope to see you soon 😍!

Lots of love and a big hug



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