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Bonaire - Los Roques - Isla Blanquilla - Guadeloupe

We had a wonderful adventure together with Pieter. We started sailing in Bonaire and made several stops at the Islands of Los Roques (Venezuela). All beautiful & peaceful small sandy Islands. I love the vibe of those little pearls of nature. The silence, beauty and pureness are amazing. I felt completely relaxed, at ease and embraced by the warm force of nature 🥰! We discovered some beautiful places to snorkel, deserted beaches & deserted paces to spend the night.

On one of those Islands we made new friends too 🙂! Bertus, Frances (Nederland) & Jean Louis (Belgium). We spend some days together with them. It was lovely to feel how we all fit so warmly together. Pure and open conversations, having fun and just enjoying being together.

We continued our journey towards La Blanquilla, Venezuela. A few military officials came aboard. So friendly, joyful and peaceful men 🙂! They invited us over to their military base so we could use their WiFi. They offered us a free ride with their big boat and at the base itself the head officer welcomed us with open heart. They offered us a home made juice, 2 small lobsters and most of all, their generous, joyful and peaceful presence 🙂 ❤️!

The next day we spend a relaxing day: walking at the beach, snorkelling and enjoying the beauty around us.

Then we continued our trip towards Guadeloupe. 2 days, 2 night nonstop sailing ⛵️. Intense & exhausting. We had to sail close to the wind, keep an eye on every change of the wind, waves banging against the boat, our Lazuli was rocking and bouncing on the waves, we were rocking and bouncing in Lazuli, a continuous workout :-)! But we made it, as a good team, we made it to Les Saintes, Guadeloupe. It was such a relief to be able to take a mooring ball, to not rock anymore and sleep the whole night trough :-)!

At this moment we are in Isle Gosier, Guadeloupe.

It was a wonderful journey of 15 days in total.

Thanks Pieter for joining us on this trip, we could count on you while sailing, day & night! Thanks for your love and friendship, for the wonderful talks, for being open and to dare to go a little deeper! You are a wonderful guy and warm friend!

Lots of love,

Lien & Gi & Lazuli


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