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Come and join us in Bequia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Tobago Cays or in Bonaire or Curaçao!

Hi lovely people,

This summer, July & August 2019, we will be sailing around in Bequia. Bequia is a beautiful and lovely little Island belonging to St Vincent. What I love about Bequia is the peaceful energy of the Island, the beautiful beaches, the lovely and friendly people living there. If I am walking on the streets here, I feel at home. I know where to go to, people are smiling at me, I made new and warm friends who I always can visit for a nice talk :-)! A couple of hours sailing from Bequia are many other little Islands also belonging to St Vincent called: "The Grenadines". Each of them has its own unique energy and beautiful places to visit, to snorkel, to walk on the beach.

Tobago Cays is one of them and is also one those unique places here in the East Caribbean Islands you have to go to :-)! It is a nature reserve, a small archipelago of tiny uninhabited Islands. They all are protected by a reef in the shape of a horseshoe. It is a wonderful place to snorkel and to swim with turtles, eagle rays, stingrays and many other beautiful fish in all the colors of the rainbow. Snorkeling there feels like swimming in an aquarium :-)! I also love to peace and quietness of nature, the color of the water: turquoise blue. A unique paradise.

Some pictures of Tobago Cays:

In September, October & November 2019 we will be sailing in Bonaire and then in Curaçao.

Those Islands are completely different then the East Caribbean ones. Bonaire & Curaçao are very dry. The vegetation on land consists of cacti, dry bushes with long thorns. The Nord part of Curaçao is like the landscape on the moon. I never been to the moon but somehow it reminds me of the moon :-). Only rocks, no vegetation, blow holes: where the sea blows water through the holes of the rocks, an amazing view! I like it because it is so different then elsewhere. The dryness, beautiful beaches, the cacti everywhere, the heat of the sun, even the dust I like :-).

The beauty of those Islands is also the amazing underwater world. Those Islands are a paradise for divers and people who love to snorkel. The water is crystal clear and you snorkel above beautiful coral being surrounded by fish in all the colors of the rainbow.

Another beautiful place to be is: Klein Curaçao. A small Island belonging to Curaçao. It is uninhabited, only beach, dry & small bushes, a lighthouse, 2 wrecks. Also wonderful to snorkel with turtles and other amazing underwater creatures. During the day Klein Curaçao is filled with day-tourist brought by motor boats. At 15:00u they all leave the Island and peace returns :-)! Spending the night over there is so peaceful and quiet. I just love it :-)!

A couple of pictures of Bonaire, Klein Curaçao and Curaçao:

I wish you a lovely day or evening; whatever time it is when you read this blog :-)!

Looking forward to meet you and to take you with us on one of our wonderful sailing trips!

If you want to book a trip or you have some questions: contact us :-)!

Lots of love,


Lien & Gi & Lazuli

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