• Lien Pepermans

Discovering more of St Barths ❣️!

St Barths has a very special and unique landing strip for small airplanes. It is spectacular to watch the small planes flying right above my head, moving their wings left and right to keep their balance against the strong wind on the top of mountain, quickly they drop down on the other side of the mountain and stop on the very short airstrip. Really amazing to see 🙂!!

We love Île Fourchue. We went hiking together with our sweet and warm friends, Bertus & Femke all over the small Island. We went from one top to the other, so beautiful & peaceful. I love to feel the warm force of nature, her silence, wisdom and pureness. It connects me with my own peaceful energy, with my heart, with who I really am. ❤️

Lots of love and joy to all of you





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