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Grenada-Isla Blanquilla-Los Roques-Bonaire A wonderful adventure

It was an amazing adventure with our lovely friends, Manny & Chelsea.

We left Grenada on the 1th of September 2019, sailed through the night to Isla Blanquilla. We spend 2 nights in this little paradise bay. So peaceful, quiet & beautiful. The Vénézuélien Military: 3 very sweet, a bit shy, super nice and friendly guys, came on board to check our papers. They invited us to come to their base so we could use their internet. Ivan, the head office, a sweet and very nice young guy helped us out with questions we had and at the end he gave us a huge lobster as a present🦞:-)! What a wonderful gift, not only the lobster but the whole experience of meeting them, having a nice time together and feeling welcome!

We sailed on to Los Roques, an archipelago of small Islands belonging to Venezuela. This time I had a double feeling being in Gran Roque, the main Island and the only place where you can clear in and do all the paper work to be legally in Venezuela. We had to pay a ridiculous high price for our cruising permit, we had to wait a long time at the Immigration to get a legal Visa for our friends (they are Americans and the government of Venezuela and the USA are not so good friends...) and for me the most bizarre thing was, that we couldn’t pay with the local currency but only America Dollars on the whole Island. Even buying bread in the local backery, was in American Dollars.

We left Gran Roque and spend a couple of days on different Islands of the Archipelago of Los Roques. Wow, so beautiful.... During the day we enjoyed the beauty, the peace, the silence, the turquoise colour of the water, snorkelling, swimming, just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. At sunset, a black cloud of mosquitoes came, even though we were far from land and there was a lot of wind. Those little, very strong animals made it to the boat and were eating us alive 🙂. Mosquitoes everywhere, in my eyes, nose, legs, feed, hands, back, belly...

We had to flee with the boat and find a spot where there were no mosquitoes. Really hard to find. Even at the open sea were still some.

I loved visiting the turtle sanctuary. Such amazing and adorable creatures. The guy of the sanctuary explained a lot about turtles, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know yet. How they sleep, breed, make love.... How you can see the difference between male and female. I felt like a little girl, curious and completely in love with those wonderful creatures 🥰!

Our trip together ended in Bonaire, snorkel, freediving & scuba dive paradise! The water is so clear over here. You can jump from the boat and you are snorkelling above beautiful coral surrounded by so many fish. Just amazing :-)!

It was a wonderful and beautiful trip and I am happy we could share this with our lovely friends. We had a lot of fun together, lovely conversations, discussions about politics and our view on the world, laughing, hugging, sharing, just enjoying being together. Thank you Manny & Chelsea for for your love, laughter, friendship and for being who you are! Lots of love and see you soon xxxxx

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