• Lien Pepermans

Hiking in the rainforest of Guadeloupe: La chute du Galion

About a week ago we went hiking in the rainforest in Guadeloupe. Together with our lovely friends, Pieter, Bertus & Frances we went to « La Chute du Galion ». A beautiful walk in a world of green and abundance. Every thing around me was filled with plants, trees, plants on trees, branches couvert with moss, baby ferns still unfolding, leaves on the trail we were walking, ... We had rain, we had sunshine. I loved the silence and to be embraced by a soft & pure force of nature, like a warm blanket hugging me and playing with me, joyful and peaceful 🥰🍀🌴! I enjoyed every step 🙂!

At the end of the hike we took a shower in the waterfall itself. Wooohoooo, the water tumbled down on our heads with a enormous power, so strong! I felt my ears being smashed down by the enormous amount of water running down! Hihihi I loved this shower in the mountains of Guadeloupe 💦💦!

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