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Joy, peace & magic!

Bijgewerkt: 12 jul 2019

Hi lovely people,

Life is filled with joy, peace, magic, beauty & wonders. In life we also experience challenges, pain, happiness, loss, birth, death, strong emotions .... How can we feel this joy, this peace or connect with it? How can we see this magic & wonders if there is also a lot of pain, challenges, insanity in the world, in our own life situation?

The joy, peace, beauty & magic is inside us. It is in our heart. It is not outside us. We can look at things that makes us feel good or sad or happy or angry. We are the one that chooses how to feel when we look at something. Maybe it happens unconsciously but it is our mind that colours a situation, an emotion, a person and also ourselves. Did you ever notice, that when you are with more people experiencing the same situation and later on you share your own experience of that situation, that it is different then the others :-)! We all look with our own eyes to the world around us. Our eyes which are coloured by our mind. Our mind is a creation of our own past, it is a collection of beliefs, thoughts, emotions.

To connect with this deep joy and peace, to be able to see the magic & beauty all around us, we have to look beyond our mind. If we can step out of our mind, we discover a whole new world. A world of peace, oneness, magic and joy. A world were our mind is silent and our heart is wide open.

An easy way to step out of your mind, is to check if you are still breathing. Stop for a while with what you are doing, check if you are actually breathing and take 1 breath, consciously. In & out... “yes, I am still breathing :-)!”. Take another conscious breath, in & out...

Did you notice something different? Did you feel, even for this short moment, a moment of silence, a moment of inner peace? In this silence, in this peace, magic happens, your heart opens, joy arises.

Do it another time, breath in & out, normally, just put all your attention in this one breath and feel...wait & feel. Don’t fill it in, just let the space be there, let the silence be there. Feel, observe, ...

Until your mind comes in again :-), which is fine too. Don’t push it away, just observe what your mind is telling, which thoughts are arising. Let them be.

Our mind, our thoughts, our beliefs are energy. Let them flow freely like the clouds in the sky, let them come and go.

Try it as a game in your daily life, to become more and more aware of your mind and at the same time, let it go again.

If you walk around on the street or sitting in your office, on the bus, in your car, talking with someone, looking at something... Stop and take a breath, put all your attention in this one breath. Observe, become aware of this silence. When your mind pops in again, listen to the words in your head, look at the thoughts arising and let them go again. Take another breath, feel again, listen, become aware of the silence beyond the words, observe.

What we actually are doing when we step out of our mind, is connecting with who we really are. Most of us believe, we are our mind, we are the image we have in our head, we are our thoughts and emotions. It is not who we are, it is what we have. We have this thoughts or emotions.

We are this deep silence that lies beyond our mind. We are the vast space wherein everything happens. The loving force that makes trees grow, flowers blossom, stars twinkle. That same force makes us grow from 2 cells to a baby, lets our heart beat, makes us breath. We are Life itself.

The more you become aware of your mind, the more you can choose to step out of it. The more you step out of it, the more you will look around you with new eyes. You will start to see the pureness of people around you. You will discover a new way of looking at yourself. You will see the beauty and magic in the simplicity & pureness of the world around you. The world didn’t change, people didn’t change, situations are still coming and going. You just started to look around from within this deep silence, from your heart. This loving space where duality and labels do not exist, where everyone is “one” and we are all connected.

Have fun exploring and becoming aware of who you really are :-)!

Lots of love & joy,



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