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Sailing from Grand Case to Tinta Mare, St Maarten

The last 10 days the weather over here in St Maarten was completely different then we are use to 🙂! We had strong winds for days and days. The whole weather map was coloured red, which means a lot of wind 💨🌊! At the same time we had people staying with us. Gi and I were a bit afraid what we had to because sailing in this conditions is not the most pleasant experience. Luckily our friends were very open & flexible about the situation: “it is like it is, we can not change the weather”. Our first adventure together was our dinghy ride in the lagune of St Maarten. “It will be calm and you will not be soaked”, said Gi. The 4 of us were completely wet 🤣! In the lagoon were little, short and unpredictable waves breaking against the dinghy... We were dripping, completely soaked and we had a lot of fun too 🙂!

We stayed for 2 nights in the same bay, Simpson’s Bay, our friends went exploring ashore. The blasts of wind at anchor were powerful and strong. We didn’t sleep well because with every blasts Gi and I woke up with full of adrenaline to see if the anchor was still holding.

We went sailing with our friends, short sails to see some other parts of St Maarten. It was exiting to feel the power of nature, to feel the strong wind almost blowing me away, the high waves against the boat and sometime super high waves like wall coming closer towards us. I am also still surprised to see how gentle Lazuli takes this high waves, she goes up & down gracefully 🙂! Sometimes we had waves breaking against the hull and we were soaked again 🤣 and had fun again too 🙂!

The last 2 days with our sweet, sweet friends the wind went down a little, the sun made it trough the clouds and we had some peaceful days at wonderful and beautiful places: Tinta Mare & Île Fourche at St Barths.

Thanks Justin & Gillian for the lovely time we spend with you. Thanks a lot for your flexibility and easy going on the extreme weather we had! Thanks for the lovely & open talks we had, for being so joyful, enthusiastic, easy going and super sweet 🥰😊! Hope to see you soon!

Lots of love to all of you



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