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I want to start with thanking you for finding our website and reading this words :-)!

This blog will be experiment for myself actually. To promote myself as life coach, as some one who guides you to bring awareness, self love, joy and peace in your life. To overcome my fear of holding back the wisdom I feel inside. It will be for me to learn to express myself in words, to put this wisdom I feel on paper (fixed, no way back anymore). I feel very open and pure when I am talking with people. It is my nature of being myself around people, an open book and sharing the way I feel, the way I look at the world :-)! But once I want to write the same thing, I always feel a big resistance of fear. A voice in my head that tells me not to write this down because "what will people think about what I write" and most of all: "they will not love me anymore, I will end up in the world completely alone" :-)!

But the urge of sharing with you, with the world what I feel, how I see the world, seeing the beauty in each and everyone, the beauty in a situation, the beauty of challenges in life, the beauty of being vulnerable, grateful and the beauty of silence, the heart and joy :-)!

I am feeling happy with the life I am living and I just want to share this with you. You don't have to believe it, just try it out for yourself. And if it doesn't resonate with you, it is fine too.

What I share will not add knowledge to your mind. It is not something you can understand or learn with your mind. It is something you will feel in your heart and in your body. You will feel right away what I mean without "understanding" it, but you will know from within; it just feels good. Read my words with your heart wide open, actually, read my words with your heart. The words are pointers to a deep wisdom you also carry in your heart. I am just opening the door to your heart so you can discover it by yourself. I just wake you up again and help you discover the wisdom that what covered inside you.

The first thing I discovered myself about loving yourself unconditionally is: start with what is at this moment. Whatever you feel, whatever you think, whatever you see, take a close look at it. Become aware of it by putting your attention on what is now. "How do I feel at this moment?" Bring all your attention to the way you feel. Observe yourself.

Do you feel pain? Do you feel a strong emotion? Do you feel your heart beating? Do you feel your breathing? Do you feel tension somewhere in your body? Or do you feel nothing at all? Just observe what is going on inside you and let it be :-)!

Don't change a thing or don't try to fix it. You don't have to give it a name, you don't have to understand it or know why you feel like this. Just let it be the way it is and become aware of yourself. Observe yourself in a gentle and loving way. This is not a test :-)! All is fine! There is nothing wrong with the way you feel at this moment. All is fine.

It can be confronting the first time you take this close look at yourself. Which is ok too. Whatever you feel, it is ok, feel it completely.

Let go of the story, observe yourself underneath the story of your mind. If you feel sad, feel sad completely, let the tears come out, let out whatever the sadness "needs" at this moment.

What I mean by story is: the mind giving its opinion about the way you feel. "I shouldn't feel sad because it is his or her fault. She or he did something really mean to me. Do you know what he or she did. I will tell you what he or she did then you will agree with me" :-)! If you feel lonely, feel lonely. Feel it in every cell of your body. If you feel stupid, feel stupid; if you feel angry, feel the anger inside your body; if you feel happy, feel the happiness completely. Let the story go and feel the pureness of the emotion itself.

When you are observing yourself, be very honest with yourself. What I notice by myself sometimes is that I am trying to feel different then I actually feel :-)! For example if I am sitting at the front of the boat, looking around, I want to feel peaceful :-)! Did you read the words "want to be" :-)! Sometimes I am trying to do my best to feel peaceful because my surrounding is peaceful or I am meditating or doing yoga or the sun is shining or my best friend is sitting next to me or ... So I HAVE to feel peaceful NOW :-)! No, not at all.

Feeling peaceful is not better then feeling tired or irritated or angry or sad or numb or ...

It all are feelings, emotions, experiences. Only different. They all want to be felt. It is all energy and energy wants to flow freely. If you block the energy and hold it (unconsciously) it will be stuck in your body. It will stay blocked like in a high pressure cooking pot with the lit on. The energy, all the blocked emotions will grow and build up.

Then a tiny little thing, a word of your partner, a car driving too slow in front of you, the computer does not do what you want, the rain, too cold, too much sun ... This tiny thing can make you explode suddenly. The lit of the pot goes open. Strong emotions are coming out which don't have anything to do with this tiny detail. Do you recognize it? I do :-).

So let it flow, let the emotions flow. I don't want to scare you, I am not telling you're doing something wrong when you feel yourself exploding. I just want you to become aware of it. And to know it is fine :-)! We are all learning: you and me. How we did it in the past, it doesn't matter. It is how we do it at this moment. Becoming aware of your feelings, your emotions, the labels you give them. Happy is a good emotion, sad is good but not for too long, anger is a bad emotion, irritation is not nice ... There is also nothing wrong with labeling it, just become aware you do it. Observe yourself. Observe in a gentle and loving way. Observe, be the witness and let whatever there is be. Observe underneath the story your mind gives to an emotion or a situation or your life situation or you doing something. Let go of the story, let go of the labels, observe the pureness of it. And let it be. Even if you feel resistance, let it be.

What helps for me it to write it down. I start with whatever pops up in my head: "I feel shit today. I don't want to be here on the boat alone. What a stupid idea. Why do I have to learn to be alone? I hate it. I don't want to feel this. ...."

Just write everything down, don't hold yourself back, don't mind typos. Just let it flow out of your body. After a while, I always feel a peace coming. After a while I feel that there are no words to write down anymore. Then I feel peaceful and relaxed.

The door opening to feel your inner peace and joy, is to start with what is at this moment. And all is fine :-)!

If you feel you want to share your story with some one. If you feel you want to learn more about bringing awareness in your life and feeling peaceful and joyful. If you feel you are at a turning point in your life, but you don't know which way to turn.

I am here for you :-)! I love to guide you on this journey in your life. I promise you, you will feel peaceful, loved and happy with yourself and you know what to do with your life, which direction you want to go :-)!

Do you have questions or you want to book a session, send me a mail: lazulisailing@gmail.com

Lots of love and looking forward to meet you



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