• Lien Pepermans

You are your best friend

You are your best friend.

There is always someone with you,

to hold you when you fall,

to love you when nobody does,

to talk gently with you without words,

to laugh together with you.

Who loves you when you cry.

Who loves you when you smile.

Who loves you when you are angry.

Who loves you when you make mistakes, over and over again.

Who loves you when you feel lost.

Who loves you when you feel stuck.

Who loves you, just because you are you.

And that is you

You in your heart

You in your soul

Maybe you don’t feel it at the moment.

Maybe you don’t believe me right now.

Maybe you want to run away from everything.

Maybe you feel lost, restless, lonely.

Maybe you feel pain, anxiety, anger, panic

Maybe you feel nothing at all, numb, death.

It is ok


your pain,

your tears,

your loneliness,

your dark thoughts making you crazy.




locked in a cage,

not being able to move

not being able to breath,

not being able to love,

not being able to see the light.

It is ok

Dare you fall

Dare to die

Dare to let go of everything

Dare to let go of your wanting to control

Dare to feel the complete darkness

Dare to let go your fighting

Become quiet...

You are hold

You are loved

You are embraced

You are taking care of





You encountered Yourself again.

You, Your best friend

Lots of love,



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