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We do an ALL IN FORMULA, which means everything is included, except your flight tickets. Our base price is 180€ (205 US$) per person per day.  

So accomodations, food, drinks (local beer, wine, liquor in normal amounts), safety equipment, bed sheets, small towels, diesel, use of the dinghy and the knowledge of a super captain and 1st mate is included.

Lien is a very good cook and makes delicious vegetarian meals. Healthy, tasteful and rich. If you like to help out with cooking, you're always welcome :-)! 

What is not included? Custom fees & fees for nature reserves because they are different on every island and difficult to calculate! 

If you stay for a longer period or you come with more people, we can give you some lovely discounts :-)!

Kids pay half price, just because we love them!


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