Sailing & Coaching

What is the difference in between Sailing Holidays  and Sailing & Coaching?

Not a lot :-)! The main difference is that you feel you want to go deeper then just holiday. You feel you want something different in your life and you want to change it. You want to take the time for it and being guided on this journey in your life.

We love guiding you and connecting with you on a deeper level, pure, open and vulnerable.

There is no strict planning, the sailing and also the coaching are pure intuitively. We love to share and being open about it. If there is something you want to do, just tell us. We make this journey together, day by day :-)!

We will sail from one beautiful place to another. There is plenty of time to relax, enjoy nature, walking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, exploring & discovering.

In our coaching we love to be open and honest. Gi and I feel where we have to go. We will have a lot of moments where we share what is going on inside us, expressing emotions, allowing whatever is present to be. By sharing you will become more and more aware of yourself. You will know how to connect with who you really are and feeling peaceful, joyful and relaxed.

We also love to laugh, having fun, playing like little kids, doing nothing and relaxing.

Ready to experience something completely different?... We are :-)!

We love you and are here for you.

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