Sailing Holidays

Do you like sailing, adventure, something different and having a new experience? Come over and spend your holiday with us! It’s going to be a wonderful experience, for sure :-)!

We love meeting new people and showing you around in paradise! We are going to sail on the rhythm of the wind from one beautiful place to another. There is plenty of time to relax, swim, snorkel and discover a magical world underwater with her own beautiful creatures.

Getting up in the morning and jumping in the sea to wake up! Enjoying the sun, the silence, being in nature, walking on the beach, making sand castles or visiting a small village.

We love connecting, sharing, laughing and having fun. Being pure, open and vulnerable with each other.

There is no planning, everything is open and we decide together. So everyone can feel and share what he or she would like to do and we make this holiday together.

You don’t need any sailing experience. We sail the boat and bring you safely to your destination. 

If you like to help out with something like sailing, cooking, doing groceries, doing the dishes, you’re welcome at anytime. Just feel what you feel like doing and do this :-)!

We love living together like family where everyone can be their unique self, feel at home and follow your heart.

Lazuli is open to everyone. We love people of all ages, including kids. Our youngest was 1,5 years old, the oldest 77! We love people and wish to share our dream with you :-)!

Our reviews are a great way to learn more about us and the kind of experience you may have. 

We look forward to meeting you :-)!

Lots of love,

Lien & Gi


Having fun, relaxing, connecting & enjoying the beauty 

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while sailing
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