The Crazy 10

Move your boundaries!

An adventurous, playful and meditative 10 days sailing trip in the Caribbean
Guadeloupe – Antigua – Guadeloupe
February 26 – March 7

The title tells everything :-)!

During this 10 days we are going to play, do crazy things, let our little child come out again and move our own boundaries.

A warm adventure where nothing has to be done and everything can be done.

You are surrounded by loving people who will get the best out of you. Pure, open and honest. 

Together with the group you will dare to do things you never did before. You will discover hidden talents of yourself :-).

This trip is a wonderful combination of adventure, sailing, having fun, playing games, laughing, relaxing, being completely yourself and becoming more aware of yourself.

What are we going to do?

We will start sailing in Guadeloupe at “The Jaques Cousteau Reserve”, which is an amazing place to snorkel or freediving! We continue along the coastline, stop at beautiful spots to spend the night. Then we cross to Antigua, discover some more wonderful spots over there and sail back to Guadeloupe. Together we also will discover the beautiful Islands of Les Saintes (part of Guadeloupe)

The trip is a co-creation with everyone who joins us :-)! Share with us your ideas, your wishes and together we create a unique and very special journey!

A small preview of the activities we will do:

  • sailing on the rhythm of the wind

  • spending the night at lovely places

  • walking & relaxing on the beach 

  • discovering small villages 

  • paddle boarding

  • meditative snorkeling: a wonderful sensation to feel one with the beauty of nature and at the same time your own beauty

  • playing games, laughing, having fun

  • sharing moments, pure & open: every one gets the time & space to share what is going on inside 

  • intuitive coaching moments in group and/or individual

  • meditation

  • relaxing, enjoying the nature, pampering yourself and feeling completely relaxed

  • and many more surprises :-)!

Do you feel like laughing until you cry?

Do you want to play, feel joyful and alive?

Are you open for a new adventure, surprises and new experiences?

Do you feel you want to be completely yourself around people at anytime?

Do you like to learn how to trust your intuition and to dare to go for the things you really want in your life?

Do you want to learn how to get out of the stream of thoughts in your head and feel completely relaxed & peaceful?

Come and join us on this amazing sailing trip in Paradise :-)!

This journey will change your life.

You will feel an inner peace and trust you take home with you.

Your relationships, your job, your health, challenges… Everything will go easier.

Your life will feel richer, deeper and more fulfilling. A new stream of joy & aliveness flows through your body.

You will glow and shine of inner happiness.

You will feel at home with yourself.

You will confident, fresh and new, ready to go for the things you really want in your life.

Lien & Gi, the Lazuli Crew :-)!

Lien is a fantastic Lifecoach who will support you and be there for you during the whole trip. She will challenge you in a loving way and you will take steps you did never dare to take before. Intuitively, pure and open she guides you to your heart and intuition. She learns you how to trust your own intuition and to make decisions with your heart. She brings you back to your inner joy and own wisdom. Lien is also a wonderful cook. She makes delicious vegetarian meals. Her meals are super tasteful, healthy, rich and filled with love :-)! She is open to everyone who loves to cook and wants to help out in the kitchen.

Gi is a professional captain who will bring you safe from one spot to the other. He is open to everyone who loves to learn to sail. He will guide and support you. He is also a great coach who brings you to your essence. With his straight forward questions he will stop you and make you aware of yourself.

Ready to join us in this wonderful and amazing journey? 

Just jump and we will welcome you with open arms and hearts :-)! 

Lots of love 

Lien & Gi & Lazuli



+32 486 644 889 (phone & Whatsapp)

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