Where is Lazuli? 

At this moment we are sailing around in the East Caribbean Islands: Grenada, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda, St Maarten. Also Bonaire and Curacao.

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Our Agenda 2018 - 2019 - 2020

  • November - December 2018: Grenada; St Vincent & the Grenadines


  • January - February 2019: Antigua & Barbuda

  • March 2019: Sint Maarten

  • May - June 2019: Guadeloupe

  • June - August 2019: Grenada, St Vincent & the Grenadines

  • September - November 2019: Bonaire & Curaçao 

  • December 2019: St Maarten 


  • January & February 2020: St Maarten & St Barth's

  • February 26 - March 7, 2020: Group sailing trip: THE CRAZY 10, move your boundaries. Guadeloupe & Antigua

  • March 2020: Guadeloupe & Antigua

  • April - July 2020: St Vincent & The Grenadines (Bequia, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Union Island) 

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How to get to us? 

Our agenda is to give you a rough idea of where you can find us. If you want to know exactly where we are, it is best to send us an email so we can tell you where you have to fly to.

If you would like to have some help with booking a flight, we love to help out :-)! 

We are almost always at anchor with Lazuli (not in a harbor) so we will come and pick you up with our dinghy. She is strong and spacious enough to bring you and your luggage safely to Lazuli :-)! 

The exact spot where we will pick you up, we will also discus with you via whatsapp or email. 

If you have questions, want some more information, just send us an email or give us a call via whatsapp! 

Looking forward to help you out so you can join us in paradise :-)! 

+32 486 644 889 (phone & Whatsapp)

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